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The Pearl Room was the perfect New Orleans Wedding Venue for this sweet couple’s wedding. Are these two not the most smoking couple!!!! Like holy hotness batman!

Aubree & Matt ~ The Pearl Room ~ New Orleans Wedding Photography

April 29, 2022

Taylor looked stunning for her bridal session at Bayou Rum.

Taylor ~ Bayou Rum Bridals ~ Louisiana Wedding Photography

April 27, 2022

She clings to her dad’s hand as he walks her down the aisle, emotions overwhelming her, tears gathering in her eyes. Not because she is nervous or scared… because this man at the end of the aisle has had her heart. You can see it in the way he simply respects her, how gentle he is, yet how he loves the fun side of them as a couple also. There are so many small gestures that say it all, without a single word being spoken. It was a wedding day to behold.

Megan & Josh ~ Magnolia House Event Center ~ Lake Charles Wedding Photography

April 22, 2022

It felt like being part of a period drama love story. Surrounded by moss covered trees and a gentle breeze that flowed across the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. Surrounded by their families, Lydia & Marshall exchanged the sweetest most heartfelt vows I have ever had the privilege to hear. I was left with the impression that should two fallen stars ever meet and fall in love in this universe, it would look exactly like these two beautiful souls, joined in love and life.

Lydia & Marshall ~ Fountainblue State Park Elopement ~ New Orleans Wedding Photography

January 12, 2022

"Suzy was amazing and does amazing work. Her photojournalistic style was exactly what I was looking for. She captured each moment so perfectly !"

"Her personality & humor made the moments light and easy. The photographs we got back were amazing. She was the best choice!"

"She creates beautiful works of art and keeps you laughing and enjoying the experience. Suzy was the best choice!"

"Suzy was the absolute sweetest & so down to earth. She truly had my vision in mind. So glad we chose her!"

"Suzy made me feel confident and let us be us, all while capturing it beautifully in elegant timeless photographs!!!!"

" We loved Suzy!!! Her calm demeanor was a nice balance to the stress and chaos of our wedding day!"

"I could write a book. She saw our vision and captured it perfectly. Her talent is beyond and her passion just shows. She's family now!"

"She was basically a life saver! Suzy made our wedding adventure fun, and now we have these beautiful pictures to remember our special day! !"

" Have you ever been to a wedding where folks compliment you on the photographer before anything else? Everyone loved her! Our photographs are priceless!"

"Suzy is simply WONDERFUL, she is a talented & creative photographer and an equally amazing, kind, & sweet human being!"

Hey gorgeous, let's talk!

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I do love to connect personally with my clients, so be considering a video chat to make sure we vibe!!!

Enjoy this very random photo of face is Southern and she talks all on her prepare for lots of weird expressions. Hahaha

~ 22 years together
~ two sons
~ he calls me sexy hotty pants
~I call him old man
~ he eats the sausage out of my gumbo
~ he calls me beautiful even though I am not the worlds idea of perfect
~ I love a movie night at home
~ I am a pen snob
~ I love dogs and they LOVE me
~ I am a recovering plant killer
~ I am a Canon girl
~ boots over heels any day
~ crime dramas and real crime podcast are what I edit to
~ coffee and hot tea
~ books are my collectables
~ studied psychology (which really helps on crazy wedding days when everything goes off the rails so to speak)
~ lover of love and people in love

From a past client:

What you want?
Amazing gorgeous high quality portraits of your wedding and love story.

What you need?
Someone you can trust to keep the day on track and help you enjoy the day. Who handles stress like a pro and just gets it, makes it all flow so you can just be the bride.

What you get with Suzy G?
The best of both and a photographer who cares about you like a friend. She has an amazing eye to capture the beauty of you and makes you feel and look amazing while having so many laughs. She is joyful, professional, talented, and has a heart of gold.

She is the one you need, the one you want, and the one you will be so happy to have.


My Love & Me

My favorite kind of photography:
Timeless, lasting for generations without being dated. Natural interactions, with a bit of editorial style and romance mixed with understated elegance is my jam.
Capturing seamless, enjoyable, fun, and
raw uninfluenced emotions, is one of the most beautiful parts of this amazing job I have. Plus taking normal everyday people and capturing their inner model is just FUN!!!

My favorite type of client: 
Nerdy, unsure, different, a unique but hidden gem, someone who trust my style and vision but isn't afraid to ask for what they want. Joyful, fun, and a lover of all things weird and different.

I am Suzy G