Quiet is a relative term, to be honest, it seems there is more noise than ever before. There is a loud hum in the air that last all day and night. White noise emitting from generators and chainsaws. The sound of tractors revving and trees being jerked along the ground, shoved unceremoniously into huge piles, […]

The Raging Quiet ~ The Aftermath of Hurricane Laura

September 6, 2020

Finally getting to share these gorgeous bridals I captured for Heather before all the shutdowns happened. Isn’t she stunning? And that dress!!!! Amazingggg.

Heather ~ Jungle Gardens Bridal Session ~ Avery Island

August 9, 2020

Hi my name is…….confused. But I mean, who isn’t right now. The world is crazy. people are fighting behind their screens, tearing each other down, seeking to destroy because others disagree. I apologized to God the other night. I can’t imagine how it feels to look down at creation and see the mess everyone has […]

Confused but Found in Grace ~ Behind The Scenes With Suzy

July 20, 2020

Check it out! Jodi & Kevin were awesome to have behind the lens…even if I had to bring a ladder to shoot from above……because Kevin is wayyy tall. What a gorgeous afternoon we had at Oak Crossing when we did this super fun session.

Jodi & Kevin ~ Oak Crossing Engagement Session ~ Lake Charles Louisiana

July 10, 2020

What a beautiful couple of sweet souls these two are. We had so much fun capturing their engagement session. It’s easy when the love and respect just flows. I am in awe and amazed at the people God lets me meet in my life and capture behind my lens.

Laurin & Ashton ~ Lake Charles Engagement Session

July 10, 2020