Love to see my previous wedding clients and their growing families!

Nedham Family ~ Lake Charles Family Photography

January 3, 2021

I see beauty in everything. Even the hard times. I am a firm believer that when life hurts you, breaks you, beats you up and spits you out, that you should walk forward…right through the midst of the hardest pain and brokenness of life because on the other side of it all… will find a strength like you have never know. And one day you will meet someone who needs that strength and in that moment you will understand why you ever had to walk through that pain to begin with.

HI…I am Suzy G

December 25, 2020

Sometimes life ends up bringing new and exciting adventures in the middle of what can look like the worst of times in life. This sweet family said goodbye to the home they built and a huge HELLO to RV living and traveling with their kiddos while they home-school due to the pandemic. What an amazing […]

The Nelson’s ~ Saying Goodbye ~ Lake Charles Family Session

December 1, 2020

Quiet is a relative term, to be honest, it seems there is more noise than ever before. There is a loud hum in the air that last all day and night. White noise emitting from generators and chainsaws. The sound of tractors revving and trees being jerked along the ground, shoved unceremoniously into huge piles, […]

The Raging Quiet ~ The Aftermath of Hurricane Laura

September 6, 2020

Finally getting to share these gorgeous bridals I captured for Heather before all the shutdowns happened. Isn’t she stunning? And that dress!!!! Amazingggg.

Heather ~ Jungle Gardens Bridal Session ~ Avery Island

August 9, 2020