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It felt like being part of a period drama love story. Surrounded by moss covered trees and a gentle breeze that flowed across the waters of Lake Pontchartrain. Surrounded by their families, Lydia & Marshall exchanged the sweetest most heartfelt vows I have ever had the privilege to hear. I was left with the impression that should two fallen stars ever meet and fall in love in this universe, it would look exactly like these two beautiful souls, joined in love and life.

They rented some cute little cottages, surrounded by their closest family & intimate friends, they celebrated. They cooked, joked, talked, and loved……these are the moments that you always remember. They are bigger and deeper than the ones we normally rationalize as the ones we remember most. In our human minds we believe huge events, vacations, over the top moments are the ones that cycle through our minds the most.

As a parent I have learned that is not the case. Fishing off the bank of an old creek and catching nothing while a turtle eats all the bait, sweaty, hot, laughing, smelly, and full of happiness…those are the memories my boys hold the closest to their hearts. It is simple…the greatest memory we leave others with that makes them feel so loved is still……our time.

I still remember when Marshall turned around during their First Look……. He literally lost his breath, had trouble even swallowing…. for a moment it looked deep in his eyes, like his feet had left the ground before he came crashing back to Earth. These moments are the ones that I live for and work for. It was everything to witness this beautiful sweet moment.

The ceremony, so elegantly witnessed under the swaying moss from the old oaks is one I will always cherish and remember. Sometimes the moments I get to witness and capture for my couples reminds me that it is a beautiful thing to be a deep person who feels, loves, and sees the world the way I do. Some days it feels like it is too much, but these moments remind me, it is worth everything.

Lydia & Marshall,

You are two beautifully deep celestial souls that I was truly honored to meet and get to know. Thank you for sharing your love and family with me. May you forever be blessed and cherished.



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