It was in the way she carried herself. From the moment I arrived until the night came to a close. Such a quiet strength that was visible to the heart of whoever was near.

I struggled to write this blog, not because I did not have the words, but perhaps because I had too many, felt too much. The rules for writing a wedding blog are meaningless when the story of your bride, of her family, soars high above all proper words and lines, above the so called order of things. That’s the thing about me that I can never seem to let go of. There is a story behind every photography, every couple, and every family that is etched upon my heart.

There was quietness to the morning, almost a serenity when I arrived.  It wasn’t long before I learned the news that would change the way I saw this day completely. On that Thursday Taylor had lost her dad due to a tragic accident. Just two days before he was to walk her down the aisle and witness her new beginning. I had never met him in person, but we had spoken on the phone. One thing was very clear; he loved his little girl and could not wait to see her married. I learned all I needed to know about him this day though, through Taylor.

His strength was clear, the love shining bright, and in the middle of the sadness, happiness found a way to wrap his memory up in a glorious beauty that was the legacy of a father gone far too soon. So knowing his love was with her, she did what any daughter seeks to do, she had her beautiful wedding day just as he would have wanted, and she made her dad proud, of this I am sure.

Taylor’s new father-In-Law stepped in to walk her down the aisle, along with her mom and honored her with a dance in her dad’s memory. Hard and broke times come, for us all, but this night reminded me, if you cling to the strength you have been shared from all those who love you, there is always a way to overcome with grace, beauty, and peace beyond measure.

This was my first wedding at The Berry Barn and it did not disappoint. I wanted to pack a bag and just move in. What an amazingly unique venue with so many different viewpoints and background options. With the wedding being in December and my favorite holiday of all time being Christmas, I was a little bit like a child in a candy store.

The bridesmaids wore gorgeous forest green Vera Wang gowns. The bouquets were a beautiful mix of purple artichokes, deep red roses, silver dollars, eucalyptus, and gold flower pods. Talk about a stunning piece of art, these flowers were perfection.

The first look said it all. There were tears and smiles, and Taylor took Christopher’s breath away when he turned around.  I feel safe in saying nothing existed to them in that moment beyond the two of them. The day turned into a beautiful night and one of the sweetest ceremonies. There were a few moments where sadness over took strength but the reason everyone was there always came back to the front and love won the day. As it always tends to do.

Taylor & Christopher,

First, Taylor, you have been an inspiration to me, and I am sure to many others who know you personally.  Christopher, I love the way you love Taylor, the respect, the encouragement, the way you are a quiet place of strength for her is such a beautiful thing. I hold you both in my prayers and I pray God blesses your sweet family. May even in the times of sorrow, you always be able to find the hope. May each year be better than the last.

Much Love.


Venue: The Berry Barn | Bridal Dress: Olivia Couture Bridal | Make-up & Hair: Jenny Roche & Taylor Bougere | Cake: The Cocoa Bean Bakery | Florist: Distinctive Floral Designs | Photography: Suzy G Photography | Assistant Photographer: Quinton Garland |



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