All the ghost and goblins are now probably heading to bed,

 hyped up on sugar and dreams in their heads,

 so now comes the time for me to share away,

this awesomely spooky wedding day.

What fun it was to watch the splendor

Of this spooktacular Halloween glitter,

With blood and fangs, bats and mask,

This sweet couple was joined together,

Here in life and ever after.

Jason was there with his knife and mask,

Love potions were drank and then were passed.

There was a vampires kiss,

And pumpkins to lead the way for scary fun

To be had by one and all.

If you stuck around through my totally goofy poem, I invite you to share in one of the cutest, sweetest, Halloween themed weddings I have had the joy of capturing in my career. Flavia & Chun did such a wonderful job of adding the spooky into their awesome wedding. No detail was too small.

Flavia & Chih,

You are both so sweet and I had a wonderful time capturing your awesome day. Thanks so much for having me and I pray you are always blessed each year to come. I hope you had a very spooky and wonderful first anniversary!!!

Much love!!!



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