She is one of those old souls. You feel like she has known more time than she has lived upon meeting her. To see two souls, the same but so different, matched together in life is a beautiful thing. Weston is the ying to her yang or visa versa. The two of them together fill the air with joy and calm. It’s that moment when you just know two people just “get” each other. On the deepest levels but with out it being mucky or heavy, just in a meant to be kind of way. Gentle like a sweet clear stream, not roaring like an ocean.

I have know Chels since she was 17. She was gorgeous and free spirited then, she has grown into such a beautiful, talented, amazing woman. To have the joy of watching another soul, another human, find themselves and walk through life is a beautiful thing. Something to be cherished. She is one of the strongest people I know. I am proud that I was allowed to be one of the ones to see her bloom so.

Chels moved to Seattle around the same time Weston moved away, yet as life would have it, they ended up sharing mutual friends. She heard about this guy named Weston often and noticed how excited their friends where when he would come to town. They met on the way to the driving range. But as deep souls do, they did not rush. It was over a year later before they finally went on a date, still keeping it under wraps from their friends….just in case.

He is an only child raised in California. She is one of 9 siblings raised in Louisiana. He’s a car guy, she never imagined dating a car guy. They both hate corn and cucumbers, love to travel, and laugh. Three months into their relationship, Weston won Olive Gardens Passport to Italy trip. It was six months down the road, but he asked her to go. Six months later they spent a world wind two weeks in Italy. Some advised them not to take the trip. Traveling is tough on the best relationships, but for them it was easy, just another piece in their puzzle of life. The beauty of them. Life is easier when it just clicks ad they click.

I have wanted them behind my lens since I saw the very first photo of them together and so during Christmas break when they were down for a visit, I finally got my chance. It was a fun session. I mean how could it not be, look at them…I mean, come on!!!

Chel & Weston,

You guys have my heart. I love you both and know that life will always be the best for you. Never stop laughing. Travel often. Never settle. Always smile. Be amazing and always take time to pet a cat. You rock. Keep being inspirational.

All my love.



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