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New Orleans gorgeous Roosevelt Hotel, The Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church, & The Blue Room at the Roosevelt were the stunning backdrops for Melinda & Mike’s wedding day. A day which started with a big bump in the road. The ceremony was planned for 2PM and the city had plans at 2:30PM to demo the crane […]

Melinda & Mike ~ The Roosevelt Hotel ~ New Orleans Wedding Photography

May 31, 2021

Listen…….I don’t even think I need to really write anything for this blog post….I mean…Scarlett and Coby were just so much fun. I had a blast capturing their love in this engagement session.

Scarlett & Coby ~ Engagement Photography ~ Louisiana Wedding Photography

February 15, 2021

Nestled in the Ozarks on the side of a mountain, is a little winery with big heart. On a winter rainy day two souls became husband and wife. Erin & Corey were written in the stars long before they met, of that I am sure. Love like this is one that you can just feel when you are close.

Erin & Corey ~ Bear Creek Winery ~ Missouri Destination Wedding Photography

February 10, 2021

But when I say happy birthday, it’s to this new woman I am becoming. The one who sees life in more depth than ever. Whose trust in God has grown, whose happiness is flowing from within.

Here’s To 41 Years…and a lifetime to go!

January 21, 2021

When old Hollywood has nothing on your gorgeous clients!!! Swoon. Covid caused several reschedules and countless road blocks for this sweet couple but oh man what a gorgeous wedding it turned out to be. They got married at St. Joseph’s Church in New Orleans with around 20 of their friends and family members. The girls […]

Emily & Rodney ~ St. Joseph’s Catholic Church ~ New Orleans Wedding Photography

January 15, 2021

"Suzy was amazing and does amazing work. Her photojournalistic style was exactly what I was looking for. She captured each moment so perfectly !"

"Her personality & humor made the moments light and easy. The photographs we got back were amazing. She was the best choice!"

"She creates beautiful works of art and keeps you laughing and enjoying the experience. Suzy was the best choice!"

"Suzy was the absolute sweetest & so down to earth. She truly had my vision in mind. So glad we chose her!"

"Suzy made me feel confident and let us be us, all while capturing it beautifully in elegant timeless photographs!!!!"

" We loved Suzy!!! Her calm demeanor was a nice balance to the stress and chaos of our wedding day!"

"I could write a book. She saw our vision and captured it perfectly. Her talent is beyond and her passion just shows. She's family now!"

"She was basically a life saver! Suzy made our wedding adventure fun, and now we have these beautiful pictures to remember our special day! !"

" Have you ever been to a wedding where folks compliment you on the photographer before anything else? Everyone loved her! Our photographs are priceless!"

"Suzy is simply WONDERFUL, she is a talented & creative photographer and an equally amazing, kind, & sweet human being!"

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  Facts About Me: 

~I am an Aquarius 
~I was raised on a farm in a very small town
~I thought I would grow up to be a veterinarian
~My hubby & I have been together 22 years
~His nickname for me is sexy hotty pants
~I have two amazing sons
~I love sushi lunches
~I'm a bit of a workaholic (according to my kids. But I am working on balance)
~I get invested in my clients as though they are friends
~I am an empath, which is why the above fact happens
~I enjoy helping my clients prepare their timelines and details for their day
~I am an extraverted introvert. Basically I love people, but I also like some quiet time 
~I am a Christian who believes more Christians should love like Jesus actually did
~I despise gossiping, I prefer intellectual conversations instead
~I love the written word and have a huge book collection
~I am a Dr. Who Fan
~Basically I am a mega nerd, Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, bring it on!!!
~ E.E. Cummings is my favorite poet....the man's work is just intimate and sexy, what's not to love
~I am a cat & dog person and my animals stage 5 stalker me every where I go when I am home. 
~ I am an amazing cook. No shame in my game
~I am the American momma to 6 amazing foreign exchange students who became like my own children as they each spent a school year living with us. 

Photo albums lined the lower shelves of her bookcase in the living-room. Bathed in window light and covered in flowers, the spines of these books always called to me and I would sit for hours loosing myself in photographs of a time I would never live. I spent hours living in these different places in my mind and meeting amazing people captured in simple black & white photos of generations gone by. She had pins in her shoulders, was less than 5 ft tall, and always whistled a gospel tune as she worked. As we got older, she would cut the tops of our heads off with her old Kodak 110 camera because she could not lift her arms higher than her nose. But ever photograph she took was a treasure. She was my Memaw, and she is the reason I cherish my job today. The reason I love what I do. She started a passion in a small child, and it grew into something absolutely amazing.

Based out of Lake Charles, Louisiana, I serve all of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida and destinations abroad. I have been photographing weddings for over 14 years now. I can’t wait to get to know you better!!!


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