Rip Van Winkle Garden was the setting for one marvelous story last New Years Eve. Listen, you know it’s going to be an amazing day when you have to wait for 10 minutes during the first look because the groom just needed to stare at his soon to be bride. Neal was so overcome with joy that he basically couldn’t speak, or move, or basically do anything but stare. We laughed so much about it later. Peggie and Neal met online and Neal used his cooking skills to sweep her off her feet immediately. He is a man who knows what he wants and I think they both won the best prize ever in each other’s love. I mean, he asked her to marry him while they were diving in Fuji. Sorry ladies, he’s one of a kind.

The day of the wedding turned out to be windy, but so beautiful. The weather was about as perfect a Louisiana weather can be in December. Rip Van Winkle Gardens is a picturesque place with Asian vibes and moss covered trees. Peacocks stroll the grounds and you are lulled by the sound of the fountains spread through out. The amazing cottages and main bed & breakfast house leave you with a desire to stay and forget the world outside the grounds for a while. It is a dream to say the least.

Peggie and her ladies had a fun morning getting dolled up and ready for the ceremony in one of the cottages on the grounds. Lets talk about these sequin dresses for a moment…..Ladies….just wow, you rocked the day and wore the heck out of those gowns. Breath takingly beautiful and perfect against the green backdrop of the day. Peggie’s dress was non traditional, but amazing. Not everyone can pull off a black wedding dress with gold accents but she did with no problems at all. I smiled so much looking at the beauty in front of me that day. Literally smiled till my face hurt. I’m not sure if that is a sign I need to smile more or if I need to just spend more time with amazing people like this!

If you have ever heard a peacock screech, and yes they do screech, you will understand why there was a bit of confusion, followed by laughter as Peggie began her walk down the aisle, I think in that very moment, every Peacock on the grounds of Rip Van Winkle decided it was time to show their approval of the upcoming nuptials and they screeched…..and screeched some more. I was laughing and tearing up and praying everything was in focus, Neal was smiling so big his face was near breaking and Peggie was laughing down the aisle. It was one of the most memorable moments I have ever had the joy to be a part of.

The reception followed with amazing food, dancing, a fun sparkler exit and a surprise for the guest. As everyone congratulated the couple on their wedding, fireworks filled the sky, shining through the branches of the huge oak trees and helping to ring in the new year in the perfect way.

Peggie & Neal,

You will always be one of my favorites. I can’t help it, those huge smiles and shining hearts are just captivating. I pray you are always blessed. I hope for you nothing but grand amazing adventures, laughter, and moments where your breath catches from the sheer happiness around you. You are amazing, never forget it.

Much love. Always.


Ceremony/ Reception: Rip Van Winkle Gardens | Make-Up : Mac | Bridal Cake: Terra Cotta’s | Florist: Roxie’s Garden | Catering: Bon Temps Grill | DJ: Mobile Sounds | Photography: Suzy G Photography | 2nd Shooter: Quinton Garland



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