I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.

F. Scott Fitzgerald ​​

This is how Kyle looks at Haley in the moments when he glances at her, unexpectedly pure and with a pride that shines from his heart. Teen sweethearts and now husband and wife, these two are set to lead a life of blessing and joy, what a joy it is to get to bear witness to such love and devotion.

We had a wonderful day celebrating their love. What an amazing group of friends and family were there to witness these two wonderful people become man and wife. A day which I am positive they felt could not get here fast enough. A day which turned out to be absolutely stunning and beautiful and I couldn’t think of a couple more deserving.  

Haley & Kyle,

I wish you both such an amazing life together. May you keep laughing and finding the joy of each other’s company a light in your lives. Be blessed in your dreams and goals in life, but above all, do it all together, as a team, one picking up the other and showing kindness each day. Hold hands, steal kisses, slap each other on the butt at least once a day, and just have fun. Life flies by too fast for anything else.

Much love!!!!



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