There’s nothing more fun than a bridal shower! Getting together with all your friends and family celebrating the bride-to-be’s future happiness is the best. Here’s some tips to plan the perfect bridal shower.

Step 1: Make a guest list- Get together with the bride and ask who she wants to invite to the shower. Have her double check the guest list, just to be sure she doesn’t forget anyone. 

Step 2: Choose a location- Figure out the best place to have the shower. If she lives out of town, decide if the shower should be in her hometown, or closer to where she lives now. If most of the guys live near her hometown, then the bride should head back home for the bridal shower. If most of the guests live near her current home, then the shower can be in the city she lives now.  

Step 3: Set a date- Decide on a date for the shower. The shower can be anywhere from 3 months to a few weeks before the wedding. It may be easier to have the shower closer to the wedding, if most of the bridal shower guests will be traveling to the shower, and to the wedding. 

Step 4: Decide a theme- Choose on a theme for the bridal shower. You can go with an elegant floral theme, or a whimsical beach theme. Think about the bride and her tastes. If she’s fun-loving and carefree, a more laid back theme will work for her. If she’s on the reserved, shy side, go with something more elegant and polished. And if you can’t decide on a theme idea, you can always ask her opinion.  

Step 5: Send out invitations- Get addresses for everyone on the guest list, so you know where to send the invites to. Be sure to send out invites to the bridal shower several weeks to a month in advance. You want to be sure everyone gets the invitations well before the event so they can make travel plans. I like using Basic Invite‘s cards and invites for my events. Their pancakes and panties bridal shower invitations and kitchen themed bridal shower invitations are adorable. Make sure the invites you order match the theme you chose. 

Once you’ve got a head count, you’re all set for the shower! All you’ve got to do now is show up and have a good time. 



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