I sat looking at my computer screen, trying desperately to edit through tears as they streamed down my face. I met this amazing human being when her heart was broken inside of her and she didn’t even realize yet, just how devastated she was. Sometimes it is hard for me to see in others what they are desperate to try and ignore. Life changed and she left that relationship and moved on in her life. I have prayed for her, I have watched her ups and downs as life lead her down a twisting winding road……and as her heart healed piece by piece. God creating it into a new beautiful mosaic piece of perfection.

As Erin & Corey stood behind my lens for their engagement session, my heart sung within me at the sight of a healed heart, a joyful soul, peaceful spirit, and a deep respect that was the two of them together. I have tried a million times to keep my heart out of my work. To maintain my love for people I meet to a level that does not show so much of myself. But the truth is I meet people in all areas of broken & joy. I meet people in the middle of grief and rejoicing in the same day. Try as I might, I do not have the ability to ignore it, I feel my clients. Their hurts, their happiness, their joys, their broken, and their victories and I try my best to capture it all in a beautiful respectful way.

No matter how long it has been, I lift them up in prayer, I cheer them on, and I praise God for their victories and healing.  These photographs are not just beautiful images of two people in love; they are a shining testimony of healing and power. There is nothing more I can say than this because I am undone by the beauty that is on the inside of it all.

Erin, you have had my heart and I have loved your sweet spirit since the first time I met you. I know….not believe, I KNOW…….you are walking into a blessed and highly favored life. Go into it with grace my sweet friend and shine as bright as the sun.

All my love,




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