Hi, my name is Calypso, I am taking over the blog writing for Mrs. Suzy today.  I am a very special doggy daughter to my awesome humans, Courtney and Brian who lived in New Orleans but moved to Florida. Not sure how I feel about that. So news update for those who don’t know, my parents got hitched, or whatever these humans call it when they start wearing mini collars on their hands.

There was this storm that came through the day my mom wore that big dress thing to get her mini collar, I heard the name Barry, but I’m not sure if that was what the storm was called or if it’s the little squatty dog down the street with the crooked ear.

Anyway, we went to this cool place called the Pavilion of The Two Sisters, because this “Barry” caused all kind of problems I heard. We went from an outside spot with grass for me (my dream), to me laying by some rose petals, in my dog opinion it was still awesome. Pretending I was awake while these two humans did a bunch of talking was fun. They were my granddad humans. I didn’t know they talked that much outside of football season.  I don’t remember what they said but there was some laughs and then mom and dad cried and did that googly eye thing they do when I’m pretty sure my head is not getting scratch any time soon.

I know I am a super special dog, because everyone was there to see me more than my humans I think. I was the lone dog and extra special flower girl. I got lots of pats and smiles. Just call me super dog. Not really but it’s ok to admit I’m pretty cool. Mom taught me to be confident.

After what felt like forever and a short nap by me, my parents got their mini collars and then everyone cheered and clapped.  I tried really hard to get mom and dad to run with me on the way out but they just walked, then they kissed…again. Isn’t there a limit on this kissing thing with you humans?

We got rained on taking some photos and then I got to go home to get some treats. It was a great day but I sure am glad Barry didn’t cause any more trouble. At first I was a little worried but my parents seemed very much still in love with me before I left, so I think I am a pretty blessed doggie princess with the best humans ever.

Oh and there was this lady there who kept taking looks at me with this thing that kept clicking……I think you can see some of those moments here.  Be sure and tell my humans how awesome they are…or I’m going to steal your cookie next time I see you.

Time for a nap. Lick you later.




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