It’s my norm. To be busy. Wake up at 3am to see the hubby off for work, wake up again at 6Am to get kids up and drive them to school. Get back home around 8:20AM. I spend my days editing, uploading, culling, updating website, blogging, Instagram, Facebook posting, running ads, scheduling sessions, keeping my calendar, trying to answer every message and not forget any one, responding to inquiries, trying to figure out what makes this business works best. What I want to do, take beautiful photographs of how I see people and the world. True be told, that only makes up about 30% of my job, the rest is the business side. I hate the business side. I struggle with it, but it has to be done. In a normal week I take 2 to 4 trips to Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Lafayette. I get tired, I get run down, I get stressed, clients forget I have over 30 other clients every year. I forget to eat, I forget to take care of me. I get messages even on Sundays, in the middle of lunch with my family. I never have a moment that is not also involving business. Honestly I love it. Over 400 weddings and I still love it. It’s hard, some times it’s crushing, yet I still smile at the love I get to capture, I still laugh, I still leave thankful for the day, the joy, even the hard moments, because it all reminds me I have a life to be so thankful for. I am blessed with a loving heart, I am blessed with amazing kids, with amazing heart kids from all over the world, I am blessed to teach others to be more open and loving, and this all makes me joyful.

I loved my headshots I have had on my website for over 2 years now, But as I grow and age, I become more intent on being my true self. The true me doesn’t wear make-up, just chapstick. The real me hardly ever has time to pluck my eyebrows or shave my legs. By the time I hit the shower I am so tired I am left to choose between shaving my legs or washing 3 foot of hair…..I choose the hair and the legs only once a week, thankfully my leg hair grows super slowly, haha. I’m just being honest here. Life gets busy and hard. For all of us. And for us women who feel the extra pressure to be the perfect wife, mom, cook, cleaner, friend, cornerstone, and cheerleader for those around us….. some days are just impossible.

It’s ok to be not perfect. It is completely ok to not wear your make-up some days, or forget to shave your legs, or wear your comfy undies out of the house. Heck, sometimes I forget to change out of my house shoes before I leave for the store, and you know what???? Shopping in my house shoes is all snuggly and comfy. I think better and enjoy myself so much more……as long as I ignore the weird, rude looks, that is, lol.

Society has set us all up for failure, to meet some unattainable goal at being perfect. But unless you have a maid, a driver, a stylist, a hair dresser, a make-up artist, and a nanny, guess what, you will fail more days than not to meet this “standard.” I can tell you from experience, no one will die if you don’t cook. Kids can wash their own clothes. Hubbies can step up on days you can’t, and other women need to hear the truth about your life, the real you, the not perfect stuff. Because out there some where is a mom or woman who still believes she is supposed to do it all and be perfect at it……..

It’s time to be our natural self and let others know they are fine just were they stand. Even if it is in the middle of spilled tomato sauce, a dog colored in permanent marker and a kid who cut their own bangs.

~New head shots compliments of my sweet Brazilian daughter Sarah.





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