Nestled in the Ozarks on the side of a mountain, is a little winery with big heart. On a winter rainy day two souls became husband and wife. Erin & Corey were written in the stars long before they met, of that I am sure. Love like this is one that you can just feel when you are close.

Listen, I know I tend to write fluffy things about my couples and love. Sometimes you may feel like I live on cloud 9 and never have struggled with love. But I know how had marriage and love can be, it’s just that I also know how amazing it can be, and in the couples who are just truly connected, it glows. They make my job joyful. Remember I work weekends, I miss functions that everyone else gets to attend, and the love between my couples is the blessing I get to witness in return. So if I’m a little ridiculous fluffy about love…..just let me be. It’s my happy place.

Erin & Corey are one of these awesome couples, with an amazing story. One that their grandchildren will speak of with smiles. I have full faith in that. We were never made to be alone, and the one whose heart matches yours is there. Sometimes it takes longer than we would like to find them, but when that moment comes it is amazing.

Erin & Corey,

Be blessed beyond measure. May God always cover you, lead you, and give you strength. May every dream come to be and may your love always make those around you smile. Thank you for the honor of capturing your love.

Much love!!!



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