When old Hollywood has nothing on your gorgeous clients!!! Swoon. Covid caused several reschedules and countless road blocks for this sweet couple but oh man what a gorgeous wedding it turned out to be. They got married at St. Joseph’s Church in New Orleans with around 20 of their friends and family members. The girls wore a sweet mix of floral dresses and the guys wore their Sunday best. And in the midst of it all, Emily & Rodney shined like a star. Congratulations you guys, you are inspirational!!!

Emily & Rodney,

You guys are so amazing. You have handled every bump and turn with grace and humility and I for one admire you for it. I can’t wait for the big day when we all get to celebrate your joy. I pray your souls always shine with such happiness and that you are blessed in all your endeavors. And if you ever need a cheerleader…..ready and available to remind you that you are amazing.

Much Love!!!!



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