Sometimes, it just feels right. For Amanda and Patrick, that’s how it was. Her friends set her up with him and they definitely had the match makers touch and got it right. Amanda & Patrick compliment each other so well. They move along at times only speaking with a look and soft smiles. When she smiles, so does he, love and happiness in it’s truest form.  Along with Emma & Watson, their sweet dogs, they make a beautiful family.

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
~ by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

This quote reminds me so much of Amanda and Patrick. Such a sweet couple who both leaving you with the feeling they are amazing people, and will have an amazing life, will chase their dreams, never letting fear hold them back, will travel the world, and always find friends no matter where they go. There is a quiet strength that surrounds them and a smile always upon their face for those they meet.

It was a day full of fun and a few twist and turns. From large crowds stopping to watch the wedding party images we took before the wedding on Bourbon street, to strangers whooping out congrats, to a film crew filming the gorgeous Amanda as she rocked it out for the before images, to the limo never showing up, it was an eventful day that had us all laughing. In the end they had the most beautiful wedding surrounded by a wonderful, fun group of family and friends. This crew knew how to have a great time for sure.


Amanda & Patrick,

I can not express how much I enjoyed being a part of your wedding day. You are both such sweet humble people. The kind of people it is always such an honor and joy to meet in life. May your love always grow. Your hearts always carry a smile for each other. May you never fear failure and always try, no matter what it might be. May your lives always be blessed beyond measure or imagination. Thank you again for all the laughs and all the fun. Congratulations again, and all the best for you both.


Here is a little vendor love for the amazing people who helped make the day great:

Venue: Cafe Amelie // Florist: Bella Blooms Floral // Hair & Make-Up: Flawless Bride // Bridal Gown: I Do Bridal // Coordinator: Daniel Akers ~General Manager Cafe Amelie

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day. Watch the slide show at the bottom of the post for more moments from the day. Enjoy!!

This is the sweet flower girl, Alice and the General Manager of Cafe Amelie, Danny, who ended up being part of the wedding when sweet Alice got nervous and grab a hold of his finger and refused to let go. They are completely adorable.

Shout out to Davenna of Davenna Lea Photography for second shooting this wedding with me. She captured several shots that are included in the slideshow here, especially the ones of the impromptu 2nd line. Huge thanks to her. Whoop whoop.


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  1. Beautiful photos, as always! What a stunning wedding and reception!

  2. patrick dial says:

    Thank you for these beautiful shots of our wedding and my gorgeous bride! We appreciate your great eye and for giving us these living memories of our wonderful day!,

  3. Melissa says:

    Congratulations to the couple! You once again did an awesome job on the Photography but what an amazing wedding they probably made it easy and the location I’m jealous it’s perfect that city truly is magical!

  4. Aunt Kate says:

    Suzy and crew, I just can’t express how wonderful your “capture” of the day is. The light and beauty of my – yes they are mine LOL – is represented here so well. The beauty of the French Quarter and the 1940’s elegance shines right through your lens. As a photographer myself – work in progress – I can certainly appreciate your talent and wonderful ability to express someone through your artful expression. Thank you Suzy for being the perfect photographer for my Patrick and his Mandy…now mine too! 🙂 I am going to be following you guys….. 🙂 take care!

  5. David says:

    Beautiful photos. Lovely and vibrant. I love the inclusion of the two dogs!

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