So last night my sweet hubby was sick. He doesn’t get sick very often and doesn’t handle it so well, but who can blame him, he’s only been sick 4 times in the last 16 years, so it’s completely understandable. As bed time approached he refused to move from his curled up comfy position on our sofa and promised he would get rest if I would just please leave him where he lay. And so I did, heading to bed in our room, in our big king size bed, all by myself…………..until there was a knock at the door. That’s when it started, first it was my oldest, who was very concerned about my having to sleep alone and ask if he could sleep on dad’s side so I would be ok all night. It was such a sweet request, I of course said yes and we both snuggled down to go to dreamland.

Probably my first small mistake was not asking myself where his brother would sleep since they are always together. Another knock sounded at the door and a small voice called out that he couldn’t sleep. So I of course said, come on you can sleep in here too. Which of course made for a very full bed since they have been growing like weeds this last year. So once again we snuggled down to go to sleep….with a lot less room to move…….and then came the whining at the door…..apparently Mr. Coco couldn’t sleep either and here he came. Our bed is officially way to small.

With a bed-full of sneaky little boys and one spoiled Chihuahua, I snuggled down once again to try and go to sleep….and here came the little voice of Joel asking the sweetest of request……mom can you sing us that little song you sang when we were smaller. With a happy heart and a tearful eye I sang “Goodnight Jesus” until they fell asleep.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep very well last night. Surrounded by my boys in the quietness of the night, one holding my hand and the other with a foot in my face (don’t ask me, I have no idea how that happened either!!) I was thankful for the blessing of these guys who drive me crazy every day. I’m honored that they think they need to care for me if their dad can’t or isn’t here. I have wondered at times if I was leaving a meaningful impression on them…and sometimes I have serious doubts, but when it matters, really matters, they show their concern and sweet care. It makes my heart swell with pride.





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