When you have been married for as long as I have….sleeping alone because your hubbies job has him out of town is not fun. So it comes down to sleeping alone or sleeping with a 10 year old wiggle worm. As much as I would like to tell him no when he ask, the truth is I can see the differance in his mood when he sleeps cuddled up against my back….he wakes up with a more peaceful heart, a happy smile and a better mood.

I’m not sure if it is because he is worried for me, his dad, or himself, but either way, it works. It’s the smallest of sacrifices made as parents that leave the most lasting memories. And especially in times outside of our control….times when we just have to trust in God, love, life, and learn to adjust to the never ending changes. It makes life random…interesting…hard…frustrating…yet in the middle of all of it….special, it’s a life that is lived, and in those moments of love and sacrifice…it is a life worth every moment given.





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