So what do a Penguin, a nurse and a fireman have in common? Love of course. It all started when they were 16. He was the cute boy behind the movie snack counter, she was the beautiful  girl there to watch a movie with her friends. He convinced her to buy some candy, her friends convinced her he was for sure flirting. She left her number and he text her that night, and now here they are still together. A story like that can only be continued by an epic beginning to the next chapter.

When he decide it was time to ask her for her hand, Christopher took Bryanna on a cool date with the penguins at the zoo. They got to spend time with them, feed them, and hang out, this alone was amazing,¬† but there was one very special penguin who had a mission.¬† This penguin brought her a sparkly surprise around his neck and of course between the cute penguin and Christopher’s smile, she said yes!!! Now if this couple was not already easy to adore, since they are both admirable for their jobs, the penguin proposal kind of just put them way over the top.

We had a wonderful time capturing their love in photographs at Christopher’s Fire Station and around beautiful downtown Lafayette. These two are so affectionate and you can’t help but love the way they love each other. I can’t wait for the wedding day to capture their start to a lifetime of memories as husband and wife.





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