A bachelorette party is a time to gather with the bride and her best friends for one last hurrah before the big day. Planned by the maid-of-honor, the details can involve as much (or as little) detail as you want. However, just make sure you don’t break the bank by spending too much on decorations and less time on creating memories.

First Item of Business
The purpose of the party is to celebrate the bride, making it important to ask her what type of party she wants. Be careful not to assume that she wants a wild and crazy night on the town when, in fact, the opposite might be true. Weddings are stressful times for brides, and the party is a chance for her to relax with her good friends. Don’t be surprised if she is up for something more informal, and possibly old-fashioned,
that you didn’t expect.
Who, When, and Where
The invite list is a top priority because it provides you with an idea as to how many people to expect. The date is also a top priority for two reasons: It determines who can make the party and what availability there is for a particular destination. Choosing where to have the bachelorette party is an important decision due to a variety of factors:

● Amount of travel required
● Party theme
● Bride-to-be’s likes and dislikes
Keeping the party closer to home for the bride or choosing a central location for everyone to meet can help reduce costs. Members of the bridal party who need to travel for the wedding will most likely appreciate your efforts to save them money.
When it comes to celebrating the bride, sometimes there truly is no place like home. Staying at home with a sleepover evokes memories of simpler times and can even result in an old-fashioned pillow fight. One option for making a sleepover affordable and fun involves setting up
an outdoor movie in the backyard. Large pillows, popcorn, and the most recent rom-com can make the night perfect.
Checking into a local hotel is another option for a more affordable bachelorette party. Depending upon the city, rates may cost less during off-peak seasons. Inquire about special packages and amenities, such as onsite dining and a hotel pool.
Binge-watching a favorite television series or streaming the bride’s favorite music at the hotel room is a great way to help everyone wind down or ramp up for the evening, respectively. A streaming stick is all you need to get your party started or slow it down. The right device will be compatible with most TVs and just plugs in, allowing you to stream television shows, movies,
and music from subscription services like Pandora or Amazon Prime.

To Theme or Not to Theme
The bride-to-be may not want a party theme, but if she does, she may want it to mirror her wedding theme. Choosing a theme that has nothing to do with her wedding theme and more to do with girl fun just might serve as the diversion she needs. If you do decide upon a theme, find
creative ways to work with it so that you don’t spend a ton of money for such a short event.
Focus on the Friendships
The core reason for the bachelorette party is to celebrate the bride. Friendships, both old and new, are special to the bride, and the time spent together is priceless. It’s easy to get carried away with decorations and big-ticket items, like a luxurious hotel. Chances are the bride-to-be is just as happy with a girlfriend slumber party. By involving her in
the planning process, you’ll have a better chance of a successful party.

There’s no doubt that girls just wanna have fun. Everyone has a different definition of fun, however, so choose the right type of fun for you and your friends. The bride-to-be will treasure you for carefully considering her wishes and providing her with a night to remember.

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