“So tell me,” She said, “Do you have a passion/ dream besides photography?”

Of course I do. We all do. It’s about dreams, seeing the unseen, it’s what drives us. But here is my answer. Here is my dream.

……………I dream of a kitchen full of friends. Family. I dream of odd ingredients, pure ingredients, pure foods. Of tasting new things with people I love. Of trusting my palette to create something new, different, amazing. I dream of spending time sipping sweet tea and laughing while we prep food to cook. I dream of Passion. Of not caring what time it is. Of showing my kids true time, togetherness, is just being. I dream of Passion…it’s what drives me. It’s what scares me. It’s powerful. And powerful things bring change…..and change is sometimes……it’s the anticipation of the unknown. The unwritten. It is also the fear. Of failure. Even if no one else even knew you had tried. and that my friend is PASSION. I want to cook something so amazing that they wake up the next morning at 6AM wishing with all their might that they had one more bite. And wishing they could turn back the hands of time to experience the laughter one more time. This is my dream.


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