Phung and Trent’s wedding day was simply beautiful and ended at the gorgeous White Oak Plantation.

Dear Trent, my best friend and my soul mate, Before God gave us the green light to pursue one another, I thought I was destined to be a 50-year-old woman who lives with her 15 cats (and everyone knows I’m deathly afraid of cats so that would have been a mess). I’d never in my wildest dreams think that I’d be standing here today before God and before our loved ones promising to love you forever.

Phung and Trent’s wedding day started with a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony.  Trent and his family presented gifts to Phung’s family in honor of their marriage. Everyone wore traditional styled clothing in celebration of Phung’s culture and beautiful traditions. The bride received gifts from both families and Phung’s uncles shared tea with Trent’s family and Phung’s mother. It was truly a beautiful start to an amazing day.

You are the truest reflection of God’s unconditional love for me. I am so blessed to know you as a man of God who humbly loves me even when I am being unreasonable and unworthy. You love me through all of the pretty moments, the ugly moments, and everything in between. So Trent, I vow to fiercely love you with every fiber of my being. I promise to have the patience that love demands, to be gentle and compassionate when life happens, when lemons don’t become lemonade.

The ceremony was held at the Vietnamese Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was full of the happiest tears and the sweetest laughs. The joy they had at finally reaching this day, the day they became husband and wife, it was palpable. You could feel it, see it, almost touch it in the air. Sometimes joining different cultures begins with a long journey, not always easy, not always calm, but for two hearts as strong as theirs, it ends in a promise of forever.

I promise to be kind and forgiving of any mistakes you may make. I promise to accept your heart, to hear what you have to share, even when you may go on for half an hour explaining something that takes anyone else twelve seconds. I promise to listen to you when you have deep thoughts and to hear you when words fail and you have nothing to say.

During the reception, Trent’s best man and brother gave a speech about how they admired strong woman, how they have always been surrounded by them and how they love them. I think we all teared up. What a beautiful thing to say about the woman who give their all to their families. It was so beautiful the way that Phung was so warmly welcomed into that circle with pride from them that she to is a strong woman with a beautiful heart of gold.

I promise to be responsive and share my two cents when words are needed, and to hold you close when stillness is more fitting. I vow to love you even on days that are tough for us to be loving. To love you even when I want to hate you. I promise to always remind you to “be easy”, and to be the balance that you’ll need. I promise to nurture your strengths and to never give up on us.

White Oak Plantation was a gorgeous backdrop for the reception. Time spent celebrating with family and friends always passes so fast. What emotions of joy and love filled those few hours. Toast at each table and well wishes from those who so happily showered the couple with love. This is why it is so easy for me to invest my heart so deeply into my work. Love changes the face of the world. It joins families, cultures, changes hearts, minds, and creates new amazing things. I could never have described how beautiful and perfect Phung’s vows were so I included them through out this post. They are words all of us who are married should seek to remind ourselves each day.

I promise to honor you as you lead us to follow in Christ’s footsteps. And most importantly, I promise to keep God front and center of our marriage, to pray for you, and for us. I love you so much Trent Anthony Key, and I vow to love you from day this forth until death do us part.

Phung & Trent,

I wanted to say thank you for making me feel so at home with you. You both have such beautiful souls and you bring light where ever you are. I pray life leads you down amazing roads that lead to beautiful blessings and the most amazing life together. Continue to laugh, be stubborn when life gets hard, steal kisses, wipe tears, and never stop the snuggles. May the next 50 years fly by in a beautiful flow of memories you would never trade for anything else. And then may you spend another 30 making more. Be blessed and highly favored.

Much love to you both.


Reception Venue: White Oak Plantation | Florist: Sunny Tran | Catering: White Oak Plantation & Boa Vietnamese Kitchen | Wedding Coordinator: Sean Nguyen | Cake: Bliss Patisserie | Videography: Congo | Make-up: Make-up with Renee’ | Dj: DJ Rene | Photobooth: ENVOC Photobooth | Photography: Suzy G Photography



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