Karley and Charlie were married at the Historic Cash and Carry building in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It was a winter wonderland of warmth and beauty to be sure. Walking into the venue just felt like a hug, a snuggly hug in front of a warm winter fire. It was breathtaking and so unique from the bouquets to the candle glow surrounding the space, it was perfection. Karley and Charlie are amazing. They are one of those fun couples that are so full of joy it just bubbles over into everything. They have made me smile so many times in this last year of knowing them, so I was not surprised to find that their family and friends were much the same way. It was an amazing day. I loved the first look because it was so full of laughter and joy, they just glowed with the love they had for each other and it was so sweet. One of my favorite parts was Karley’s choice in who stood by her side during the day. Instead of a maid of honor, she had a man of honor, her sweet twin brother stood proudly by her side, smile shining bright. I absolutely love when clients do something a little different and extra special. Fun, just fun and joyful, that is what this whole day was. As close to perfection on a wedding day as one can get.

Karley & Charlie,

What can I say, you two are simple awesome. Not awesome in “the oh that’s kind of cool” way, no, you are awesome in the way that makes people stop in their tracks and forget to breath for a moment, a joyful moment, that they always remember. I wish the absolute best for you both. I pray you are so beyond blessed in life that you never have a moment where you are not smiling. I have a feeling you will lead a life full of the best adventures and I hope you share them with everyone you come to love as you walk this journey of life together.




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