Poem for My Love

How do we come to be here next to each other
in the night
Where are the stars that show us to our love
Outside the leaves flame usual in darkness
and the rain
falls cool and blessed on the holy flesh
the black men waiting on the corner for
a womanly mirage
I am amazed by peace
It is this possibility of you
and breathing in the quiet air


North Carolina & South Caroline met and fell in love, or maybe in this case it is more a Marine met his lady and stole her heart. Three years ago Jillian and Will met on-line and life lead them together. Will was a Marine at the time stationed in North Carolina and Jillian lived in South Carolina, but a meeting in person and now here they are three years later, engaged. Will retired from the Marines and they moved to Louisiana two years ago and have been loving life together ever since.

I had such an amazing time with these two. Let me tell you, Will had me in stitches the whole time, he is just a natural joy to be around. I am sure he will keep Jillian smiling for the next 60 years. As you can tell by some of the photos, they had fun in the middle of looking like models. They rocked it while surviving the heat and Avery Islands famous mosquitoes.

Jillian & Will

Thanks for being so awesome. I just loved spending time with you both and capturing these memories for you both.

Much love, enjoy!!!



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