Brittany Schlamp of  Brittany Schlamp Photography out of New Orleans is guest blogging for me today about the beautiful Nostalgia Kits produced by H.H. Boogie. Such an amazing idea and such a beautiful keepsake.

Here is Brittany to introduce this beautiful kit to you………..

I’m a firm believer in saving memories to pass onto future generations. It’s easy to recant stories of how you got married, but over time, it fades. My wedding day was only 3 and a half years ago. Not that long ago, in all honesty. And I don’t fully remember my wedding day. It was such a blur. So I made it a point to print all of my pictures. And I still say it’s not enough. And then I fell in love with the Nostalgia Kit.

The Nostalgia Kit is a beautiful, handcrafted box made from Amish wood. I promise, it is WAY nicer than it sounds. It comes with a gorgeous leather satchel, vials, and beautiful Loktah stationary.

Is the grain in the box not gorgeous?! I absolutely adore it.

As for the vials, they can be used to hold some items from your wedding day: sand or soil from your venue, a flower petal from your bouquet, some of your perfume you wore on your wedding day, beads or feather from your dress, and so on.

I love the stationary. The intent for it is to write little letters to each other. Or even write out a story of your wedding day. You can write the letters and then pick a day to open them in the future, such as your 10th anniversary. 🙂 Imagine how sentimental it will be for your future children.

The beautiful leather satchel has fabric inside to keep your fine art photos protected. Yes, that’s what the satchel is for! I intend to get some fine art linen photos printed to go inside my satchel and to continue adding to it over time with special days that are celebrated between Caleb and I. I recommend the same for you. You can choose different photos instead if you’d like! Just imagine how beautiful they will look after years. I always cherish printed photos so much more. It’s an amazing feeling looking through older images my grandparents saved over the years and seeing the heritage I come from.

That little button there? That’s a Civil War button. You already have some gorgeous heritage in the box! Talk about a win!

I felt that you see how small the vial is. My husband’s class ring just engulfs it. But that’s ok! You don’t need it to be any bigger. Think about it- a little goes a LONG way in life!

I treasure the Nostalgia Kit. The idea is not new. I have a shoebox full of memories collected over the last four years. And the fact that I can move them to the kit and protect the memories is such a blessing in and of itself. I am so glad that the idea has been made into the beautiful wood box you can now order from your photographer.



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