He stares at her with a smile on his face as she laughs and smiles back at him. In that moment, you can see, feel, and be a part of their love, their story. Simply by looking at a photograph you can see a couples love unfolding like a beautiful sunrise over the ocean.

That’s the purpose of an engagement session, to capture your love, your personalities, and the way you love each other. So of course things like location, clothing, and props you may pick need to reflect you both as a couple.


 Some locations to consider might be;

·         Urban. Think brick buildings, graffiti, sidewalks, and overgrown abandoned buildings. The contrast of a beautiful couple in a rugged environment can really create dramatic portraits.

·         Industrial. Metal doors, tin walls, chrome, and steel can add bold contrast to a playful engagement session.

·         Natural. Frolic through the forest and cuddle by the water for a romantic setting.

·         Home. One overlooked setting is your home! Show off your real personalities by creating images in your natural setting. Play Scrabble at the kitchen table. Bar-B-Q in the backyard. Drink Latte’s on the porch. Be yourself!

·         The place where he proposed. Assuming he didn’t jet you off to Paris to ask for your hand in marriage, try visiting the location where he proposed to add some significance to the portraits (but please don’t feel the need to reenact the proposal)

What to wear

  Generally, you want your engagement images to show off your personality, so wear something that you can flaunt in! I like to recommend at least three outfits at least for a full length engagement session. 

  A Formal/ Dressy Styled outfit– Your idea of dressing up doesn’t have to be what  everyone else might think is dressy, so the idea is for you to do what you like while being stylish and gorgeous of course.

A Semi-Casual Outfit –  An outfit that is comfortable and shows your personalities. Don’t be scared of bright colors!!! If your thinking, well maybe, I say go for it!!

A Super Casual Outfit – This is where you pull out those sports jerseys, or even your PJ’s to get a really relaxed and just have a super fun portion of your session, have a food fight, get crazy with water-guns, or enjoy a campfire . Really go for it and have a blast!!


Here are some examples of different outfits, locations, and styles of Engagement Sessions.  The main thing to remember….have fun and enjoy yourself!!!



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