This post tonight is more real and raw for me in meaning than any before. I was supposed to share this earlier today but my mom got really sick and is in the hospital…… her side is the man she met at 13, over 50 years ago. That is my greatest hope for every couple I share my time with, every wedding I am blessed to capture. I wish them nothing more than that kind of time spent with their best friend, their lover, their partner in all things, even sickness. So in the middle of fear and worry, I write this blog post for one of my sweetest couples and I share the smiles, the tears, the joy of their day, knowing and believing with all my heart that 50 years from now, they will still be standing, each beside the other, facing tomorrow’s uncertainty with a faith in their love. There is a strength found in this that has no measure, and it makes my heart soar.

Carrie and Derek were married at the simply stunning Christ Church Cathedral in New Orleans. What a beautiful day it was to celebrate this couple, to watch their love for each other represented and blessed. From the sweet moment before the ceremony when they read their personal letters to each other, when Carrie choked up from the shear overwhelming emotions of the moment they stood in, to the prayer before they parted ways, before as separate individuals with different last names they held hands for the last time…… from that moment until they held hands again and said I do to a lifetime of grand adventures, even if that adventure is just grocery shopping, it was a perfect day. A day that reminded me life full of love makes every day grand and these two have that lifetime kind of love in spades. It is so beautiful to see.

Carrie & Derek,

You two always make me smile. I love the way you laugh with each other, the way you talk without words, the way you look at each other when you think no one sees. I pray that your lives are so amazingly blessed and so very full of joy. May you always laugh and wipe away the tears that life brings at times. May your favorite memories involve the smallest moments and may you both always know you have all the support you will ever need as long as you are together.

Much love to you both. The best of wishes and all my hopes are with you on this journey.


Shout out to my associate photographer Brittany Schlamp for helping me rock it!!!!

Ceremony: Christ Church Cathedral / Reception: Jefferson Orleans South / Flowers: Beth’s Flowers / Cake: Haydels / Photography: Suzy G



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